Edinburgh Day 3 and 4

I was nervous as it was the first day of my show in Edinburgh and I wanted everything to be right. I have made some placards and covered them with book-cover-film to keep the rain off.  They look proper good. At the show there were hiccups of a technical nature. The little telly I had […]

Edinburgh Day 2

I bought a new biro for 45p, then another better rollerball pen for a pound.  I was meeting the publicity man and wanted to look professional. At the meeting we both had a cup of tea and the waitress brought it in a pot, so I decided to take charge and be mother. On the evening there […]

Day 1 - Arrived in Edinburgh

I have arrived in Edinburgh. On the way up the M6 I stopped off at Westmoorland farm shop to get a galloway mince pie and beef growler. The room I am staying in is a child's bedroom. There is a large woolly parrot in the corner and a bookshelf with the high school musical annual […]

Buxton Fringe Nomination

How Nice. I was nominated for and award for 'Best Comedy by an Individual' at the Buxton Fringe. I did not win, the other nominants were James Sherwood, Henning Wehn and Izy Suttie. Well done to Izy who won.

FringeGuru Review

The FringeGuru has reviewed my show, this is what they said: Danny Pensive's Map of Britain - Danny Pensive is a loveable and comic character, and a delightful guide on this idiosyncratic journey across Great Britain.  Brimming with childlike curiosity and off-beat insights an hour in his company is one well-spent. Stopping off in Buxton […]

Buxton Fringe Review

I have done my first show at the Buxton Fringe and it has been reviewed by a man called David who has said very nice things. Buxton Fringe Review. "It is often said that from humble beginnings mighty oaks grow...or something like that anyhow. What is certainly true is that pure comedy gold has been […]

Buxton Fringe & Edinburgh Spotlight

Hello. The Buxton Fringe begins this week, so you can come and see one of the preview dates before the show goes to Edinburgh, info here.  Also the nice people at Edinburgh Spotlight have done an interview with me, though I don't recall sayin I was Welsh, this is here.

Lancashire Telegraph

I went and did a preview of my show in a place called 'Fence' what is near Burnley. The people were nice and the promoter was Bryan. We got a nice review from someone called Kimberley who does reporting for the Lancashire Telegraph.

Andover, Birmingham, Derby ,Kingston and South Bank

Day 29, 30 – Andover A day off in Andover, Erin our tour manager and me go and see 'Attack the Block', eat curry, locate a wi-fi signal and get some precious private time. Vikings invaded Andover back in the day, and a chap named Olaf did quite a lot of raping, piliging and burning […]

Bromsgrove, Bracknell, Shrewsbury, Leeds & Worthing

Day 22  - Bromsgrove We get a Darth Vader tonight, he's a massive bloke who also does Predator and Judge Dredd. I eat some real food, but it's not too healthy. I'm know since the tour started I've put weight on, and it's really hard not to. Bromsgrove itself is all a bit of a […]
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