Nottingham & Brecon

Day 20 – Nottingham On the last tour The Lakeside venue in Nottingham was sold out, and a high point at the end of the run. This time it's full too. The venue manager is proper hardcore Star Wars, and has displayed half of his collection in a big glass cabinet in the foyer. The […]

Redhill, Warwick, Leamington & Harrogate

Day 16 – Redhill, Surrey. Redhill Harlequin is the first 'stage-less' venue we've done. I'm sure there is a technical term for it, but don't know what it is. In the gusthouse, Richard and I are booked into a family room, with is spacous, and also has a shower cubicle in the corner. Despite being […]

North East, South and Deepest Wales

Day 12 & 13 – Middlesborough Back into England and a free day. On the way down the M6 we stop at Grenta Green, a place I've always wanted to visit. If you're not familiar it's a small village on the England/Scotland border where young couples would run away to get married back in the […]

On the Road at Gretna Green

While I am on tour with the one man star wars show I am still doing videos. The sound goes up and down and there is a bit of windy noise, sorry about that.  

On The Road at Ragley Hall

While I am on tour with the one man star wars show I am still doing videos. The sound goes up and down and there is a bit of windy noise, sorry about that.

The Scottish Leg

Day 9 - Aberdeen On the road to Aberdeen we stop at Glamis castle to take in a brown sign and some Scottish culture. It's a lovely building, not what you'd classically call a castle.A few photos then on to our destination. I'm beginning to loathe touch screen technology with a passion. We are in […]

Scottish & Newcastle

Day 6 - Newcastle Upon Tyne Try as we might we couldn't cancel the guest house in Dunstable the previous night to make a bit of headway on the road North. The landlady and her massive dog - with a tongue like carwash roller - was adamant we must endure her hospitality, despite the fact […]

On The Road Again

You may or many not know I blogged on the road last September as Danny Pensive, supporting 'One Man Lord Of The Rings', a chap called Charlie, on his UK autumn tour. Well he's asked me back to do his spring tour other show which is now in it's ninth year  'One Man Star Wars'. […]

Buxton Fringe Dates and Times Confirmed

I now know when I will be in Buxton, and I've had an extra date added, so that's 5 dates. The July dates for the show are... 12th - 8.30pm 13th - 10.30pm 15th - 10.30pm 18th - 8.30pm 20th- 10.30pm (ignore the poster info it is wrong) Here is a page with more information

Show coming to The Buxton Fringe

I am bringing my show 'Danny Pensive's Map of Britain' to the Buxton Fringe this year. All that is known at the minute is that I am in the Barrel Room, with dates and time's being confirmed shortly. The Buxton Fringe runs from 4th - 26th July and is one of the biggest festivals outside […]
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