Lancashire Telegraph

I went and did a preview of my show in a place called 'Fence' what is near Burnley. The people were nice and the promoter was Bryan. We got a nice review from someone called Kimberley who does reporting for the Lancashire Telegraph.

Andover, Birmingham, Derby ,Kingston and South Bank

Day 29, 30 – Andover A day off in Andover, Erin our tour manager and me go and see 'Attack the Block', eat curry, locate a wi-fi signal and get some precious private time. Vikings invaded Andover back in the day, and a chap named Olaf did quite a lot of raping, piliging and burning […]

Bromsgrove, Bracknell, Shrewsbury, Leeds & Worthing

Day 22  - Bromsgrove We get a Darth Vader tonight, he's a massive bloke who also does Predator and Judge Dredd. I eat some real food, but it's not too healthy. I'm know since the tour started I've put weight on, and it's really hard not to. Bromsgrove itself is all a bit of a […]

Nottingham & Brecon

Day 20 – Nottingham On the last tour The Lakeside venue in Nottingham was sold out, and a high point at the end of the run. This time it's full too. The venue manager is proper hardcore Star Wars, and has displayed half of his collection in a big glass cabinet in the foyer. The […]

Redhill, Warwick, Leamington & Harrogate

Day 16 – Redhill, Surrey. Redhill Harlequin is the first 'stage-less' venue we've done. I'm sure there is a technical term for it, but don't know what it is. In the gusthouse, Richard and I are booked into a family room, with is spacous, and also has a shower cubicle in the corner. Despite being […]

North East, South and Deepest Wales

Day 12 & 13 – Middlesborough Back into England and a free day. On the way down the M6 we stop at Grenta Green, a place I've always wanted to visit. If you're not familiar it's a small village on the England/Scotland border where young couples would run away to get married back in the […]

On the Road at Gretna Green

While I am on tour with the one man star wars show I am still doing videos. The sound goes up and down and there is a bit of windy noise, sorry about that.  

On The Road at Ragley Hall

While I am on tour with the one man star wars show I am still doing videos. The sound goes up and down and there is a bit of windy noise, sorry about that.

The Scottish Leg

Day 9 - Aberdeen On the road to Aberdeen we stop at Glamis castle to take in a brown sign and some Scottish culture. It's a lovely building, not what you'd classically call a castle.A few photos then on to our destination. I'm beginning to loathe touch screen technology with a passion. We are in […]

Scottish & Newcastle

Day 6 - Newcastle Upon Tyne Try as we might we couldn't cancel the guest house in Dunstable the previous night to make a bit of headway on the road North. The landlady and her massive dog - with a tongue like carwash roller - was adamant we must endure her hospitality, despite the fact […]
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