You might find me hosting, making funny stuff with comedysportz, or teaching a stand-up workshop. I'm also a live artist.

I've done hundreds of stand-up comedy gigs, supported TV names on tour and am a TEDx speaker too. I teach stand-up comedy skills and advanced presentation skills, (face-to-face and online) helping people use humour in talks, pitches and work.

When I'm not performing I'm a graphic-recorder, creating live art at conferences across the UK.

I had a Podcast before they were wildly popular, interviewing people from all over the world who use improvisation to help the work they do. You can listen to them all here.

★ ★ ★ ★
His audience
interaction is
-The Skinny


★ ★ ★ ★ "Uncanny accuracy and unerring honesty"  - The List

★ ★ ★ ★ "His audience interaction is flawless"  - The Skinny

★ ★ ★ ★ "Cutting wit…an hour well spent"  - Three Weeks

★ ★ ★ ★ "An infectious delight"  - Fringe Guru

  • "Vic and Bob meets Samuel Beckett" - Artsfest
  • "Gloriously deadpan and very  funny" - South Wales Post
  • "A must-go-see comedy highlight" - Buxton Fringe
  • "a superb creation...brilliantly done" - BBC
  • "Sublime innocence and lateral observation." - Cheltenham Greenbelt Festival
  • "Catch this comic idiot savant before Vic 'n' Bob snap him up" -  The List
  • "There's more to him than meet the eye" -  Three Weeks
  • "You could almost imagine Harry Hill doing it" -Ed Byrne
  • "The audience cheered him to the rafters." - Kendal Calling Festival
2019 Show - Confessions of a WordPress Fanatic

Reviews from The Edinburgh Festival:

"During his whistle-stop recollection of a trip around Britain Danny Pensive highlights with uncanny accuracy and unerring honesty the stupidity of places and people. Catch this comic idiot savant before Vic ‘n’ Bob snap him up."


"From Newquay to Aberdeen, from Swansea to Bridlington, Danny Pensive recalls the things that made the places he has been special and memorable. But this is not some excruciating holiday slide-show. His audience interaction is flawless, and he has us laughing from start to finish with his songs and little anecdotes. His delivers each word like a six-year‐old reading aloud. His observations are told with such openness that he is impossible to dislike. The Fringe’s most loveable performer."


"With his quirky capacity for story telling, Pensive’s unusual and amusing anecdotes let the audience get caught up in his adventure. This “infectious delight” left its mark, along with his listless eccentricities. An afternoon in Pensive’s company is sure to be an hour well spent."


"He slips out some cutting wit, firing out insults like facts he’s looked up on Wikipedia, so then you know that there is more to him than meets the eye… Hilariously sweet, Pensive is a delight to watch, full of amusing observations about British scenery and culture."

Previous shows;
  • Confessions of a WordPress Fanatic - 2018
  • Danny Pensive: Life Coach at Buxton Fringe  - 2017
  • John Cooper: Pictures of Cats at Leicester Festival.  - 2014
  • Danny Pensive - Around the world in 80 Howays  Leicester Comedy Festival  -  2013
  • Whatever Happened to the Likely lads, Manchester Fringe - 2012
  • Danny Pensive's Map of Britain (3rd solo show) Edinburgh Fringe.  - 2011
  • The 30 year itch -  Edinburgh Fringe - 2008

Other stuff

  • Present yourself workshops
  • Hosting VWorp Vworp Doctor Who conventions.
  • Presenting the Pint of Science festival in Manchester
  • Sketch writer on BBC Radio Newcastle's Jesting About
  • Winner of Cofilmic Sketch Writing Competition
  • ITV's & FHM's  Stand Up Hero.
  • SFX weekender convention. 2006
  • Tour support for One Man Star Wars. 2007 - 2016
  • Appeared on BBC2's the speaker.
On Tour with One-Man Star Wars 2010

Don't mistake me for the bard of Salford, John Cooper Clarke. I do live in Salford, but he's someone else. I'm also not the car manufacturer John Cooper, the rock band singer John Cooper or the Welsh serial killer who appeared on Bullseye. There's also an illustrator called John Cooper, that one I might be me.

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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