Tour Support Three


I've still got the taste of Edinburgh in my mouth, and with two days rest I'm off doing my third support tour for the One Man Star Wars show, I've blogged it here before, and with a whole bunch of new places to see, here we go again.

Day 1 - Corby
Actually more like day two, coming down a day early for an exciting Lodnod casting and to
collect the tourmobile for an early start the next day. I've not had time to digest
Edinburgh properly, or do a new press release like I promised myself with the nice new
stars on it. No. Instead I've walked down the high streets of Chiswick for chips,
Northampton for a milkshake and Corby for a banana. It's my third support tour for one man star wars, and it's rock and roll, and this time I'm even on the poster.
The Corby Cube gig is nice for the first one back, not too rusty going from playing a small
50 capacity room for a month to a theatre, just need to get my head around the 'big
acoustics' again.

Facts about corby; it was a steel working town and has a high population
of scots who moved there for the industry. They have orangemen marches there once a year, and the swimming pool has no shallow end, and is just 1.8 metres all the way across. So you either swim in Corby, or you don't.

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