John Cooper

Improv guy.
Skills trainer.

You might see me compering stand up comedy clubs, or performing in character as Danny Pensive.

I’ve performed in hundreds of comedy clubs and theatres around the UK. I’m a member of Comedysportz, Manchesters long-running improv team. I also deliver presentation skills training around UK.


Can improv help you deal with change?

In the last five months, I've moved apartments twice in an experiment to save money. It's been a lot of change and hasn't amounted to a great saving, but in truth, it hasn't bothered me that much. I trust my life experience...and my improv brain. You're reading this in the future, right now for me it's mid-February 2020. As I move my life in boxes from one location to another I feel a sense of vulnerability. A raised awareness of my environment and the big stuff over which I have no control right now. From flooding in the UK, to ...
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John Cooper at Google Digital Garage Manchester
John Cooper at Google Digital Garage Manchester

Presentation skills training

Since 2016 I’ve delivered presentation skills training for Google’s Digital Garage, Power to Change, The Locality Conference, The Business Growth Hub, Avecto Cyber Security, and many others. These sessions use humour and interactivity to unlock creativity and build confidence, they are now online.

Performing Online

Comedysportz were early adopters of putting shows online, and we now do two shows per week, streamed live on Youtube. Doing stand online can be really tough, but improv shows work very well, taking suggestions from the audience in the text chat. These shows really show what can be done online with a great, experimenting and having fun doing it.