Day 1 - Arrived in Edinburgh


I have arrived in Edinburgh. On the way up the M6 I stopped off at Westmoorland farm shop to get a galloway mince pie and beef growler.

The room I am staying in is a child's bedroom. There is a large woolly parrot in the corner and a bookshelf with the high school musical annual on it. I have read he annual.

I went to the venue to do a 'technical'. The room was dark and I put a chair on he stage but we did not need it in the end. I put the map up on the easel, but I have done that before.

Next I paid a visit to the team at Gag Reflex. They are looking after me while I do my show and are very nice. I asked what was for tea, but they don't do that apparently, but were happy to make me a cup tea. The tea was yorkshire tea so that was good, I had a small chocolate mars from a box of celebrations too.

There is nothing to celebrate yet but the nice girls who were made to sit on the floor were stapling my reviews from Buxton on my flyers, the well mint one's with the 4 stars on them. One of the bits of paper with the 4 stars on them came off and there was a bit of distress for a moment, but it was over quickly.

I then went to the piemaker for a cornish pasty.

Today I bumped into Lee Fenwick, Seymour Mace, Phil Ellis, Juliet Meyers and Mick Ferry. I shouted at Rob Deering out of a window and ate four savouries.

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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