Danny Pensive visits Norwich

Danny Pensive visits Norwich cathederal, Mr Shoes, Norwich forum and Norwich castle

Danny Pensive visits Kings Lynn

Danny Pensive visits castle rising castle in Kings Lynn

On Tour - Dublin & Relax

Day 33 & 34 - Dublin On the train to Dublin along the coast. Pounds turn into euros, and my phone signal disappears altogether. As well as that I can't seem to use my cash card (then realise they aren't all link machines, doh). Last time I was in Dublin it rained all the time, […]

On Tour - Derry & Belfast

Day 30 - Derry/Londonderry At Manchester airport I am frisked twice at security, maybe because I'm wearing Danny's large brown duffel coat to keep the baggage costs down. I'm not sure what to expect arriving in Belfast, but arrive at the Malone Hotel without incident. One of my best mates is Irish and I lived […]

On Tour - Aberystwyth, Guildford & Lincoln

Day 25 - Aberystwyth The final day of the Welsh trilogy takes us to Aberystwyth university, and possibly one of the most gorgeous views on the tour as we decended the steep incline of the A44 and the road - cut into a vally lined with trees opened up, to reveal the rooftops of the […]

On Tour - Wellingborough, Cheltenham, Brecon, Newtown

Day 21 - Wellingborough After the sell out gig in Nottingham, things are more normal and quiet in Wellingborough. A nice enough  place, though the rear corridor of the Hind Hotel smells strongly of faeces. A good show is had despite low numbers, and Charlie and I go for a post show pint in the […]

On Tour - Bridlington & Nottingham

Day 18 - Bridlington Down the North East coast to Bridlington and the Spa Pavillion Theatre. I've played there a few times before but not the main theatre. The Victoria guest house, actually in hindsight all of Bridlington is geared toward old people, as evidenced by the three shopping scooters in the lounge and the […]

On Tour - Colchester & Hexham

Croydon, Continued. So I come stage, not a great one but still full of buzz, and walk upstairs backstage to the 'artists bar' because I deserve it, surely, and walk straight into Lloyd Langford and Rhod Gilbert. They were surprised and confused, I hadn't put two and two together and came out with "Are you […]

On Tour - Exeter, Newport, Blackpool

Day 9 - Exeter. Exeter is a very pleasant place, though the phone masts are all controlled by ninjas who give you a full signal everywhere except under a tree. The Barnfield theatre was very cosy venue and the show went great. Charlie was doing some radio interviews so we trotted off to BBC radio […]

On Tour. Loughborough and Swansea (via Cardiff)

Day 6 - Loughborough. We arrived at the guesthouse early again, thanks the already muddy BMW. The lady owner of the guesthouse is not fully dressed and about to go to a funeral. Apparently the poor deceased had to have his legs and arms broken to fit him in the coffin. Market street in Loughborough […]
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