Buxton Fringe Review


I have done my first show at the Buxton Fringe and it has been reviewed by a man called David who has said very nice things.

Buxton Fringe Review.
"It is often said that from humble beginnings mighty oaks grow...or something like that anyhow. What is certainly true is that pure comedy gold has been discovered in the persona of sweet and gentle Danny Pensive.  Like the most inquisitive infant, he questions almost everything he witnesses and seeks answers with a challenging purity, finding a seriously funny angle at every turn...

The ingenuity of the delivery is matched only by the gems unearthed along the way.

Cleverly written poetry, silly songs and concise entries in Danny's Diary... As Danny himself would explain, "Buxton is now on me map alongside Edinburgh. Not literally next to each other mind you, but because they both have super fringes...just like cowboy's trousers!"
A must-go-see comedy highlight!

David Carlisle

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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