What can business learn from a 33 hour long performance?

Last week I joined 30 other performers taking part in a thirty three hour long show that was completely improvised. It had comedy, high drama, songs and characters including a space pirate, a giant slug and a Cyberman (from Doctor Who) - that was me. You'd be right to wonder how this is relevant to […]

Improvising interviews and fast learning - my podcast

I started my podcast in late 2016, interviewing people who use improvisation techniques in their work. Six months and fifteen episodes later and already it's paid off in more ways than I can think. Fifteen isn't a massive number of episodes for a podcast, but the original intention was to 'box it off' as a project with […]

Real World Clients

  I've just delivered a couple of talks at 'WMUG', a group run by Mike Little one of the co-founders of the crazily popular WordPress system. The first was on podcasting and the second was on 'Real World Clients'. I've already posted on how I created the podcast over on my design blog, and if you're interested the podcast itself, interviewing […]

Comedysportz returns to Manchester

Great news to see Comedysportz back in Manchester. It's been a long time since the last regular show at the Comedy Store, and now returning to the lovely new theatre space 53 TWO just off Deansgate lock feels just right. The regular monthly show in Sale Waterside has been selling out the last few months, with over […]

My Top 5 TEDx talks of 2016.

For a bit of inspiration  in 2017, here's my top 5 pick of TEDx talks in 2016. It's the end of the year. Sad though it is I'm not going to dwell on the number of famous and talented deceased. We're all going to die one day, and I don't mean to be morbid. If […]

On Tour with One Man Star Wars

September and October have been pretty epic. I've recently come back from my fourth tour support with the Charles Ross and his 'One Man Star Wars' Show. Three weeks on the road, playing sixteen venues across the UK, it's been as tiring as it has rewarding. One of the biggest highlights was playing Salford Lowry […]

Doing a Half Marathon!

I'm doing a Half Marathon! In September I'll be running the Great North Run, a goal I've had since completing my first 10k last year. I'm running to raise cash for the National Eczema Society, so if you can donate, please do. Here's the

Forward the (improv) Retreat.

If there's on thing I learned last year, it's that if you have a really good idea, then just do it. Don't wait around or procrastinate or think "someone else should really do this thing". Life's too short. So with the help of the improv troupe I'm with, CSz, I'm putting on a 4 night retreat. As […]

I've been to Bali, here's what happened...

It's all been a bit stressful of late. Betty ran off with the milkman and now I have to buy my own pants. But never mind that, I've been to Bali to chill out and have an adventure. Get me, all slim and beardless. I left the coat at home this time, hope you're alright […]
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