Confession's of a WordPress Fanatic!

New date: Friday December 21st 2018 Venue: The Kings Arms, Salford, M3 6AN Ticket available on Eventbrite: While publicising the show I was re-tweeted by Matt Mullenweg! Make sure to capitalize the P! 😆 — Matt Mullenweg (@photomatt) July 4, 2018 In early 2017 I attended 'MWUG', or Manchester WordPress users group to give […]

What do Google analytics and stand-up comedy have in common?

While helping a business client increase traffic to their website, I remarked how their Google Analytics marketing reports weren't so different from taking a stand up comedy skills workshop. That might sound like an odd thing to say - but the more I thought about it the more the comparison holds up. Google Analytics reports feedback […]

A Pint of Science?

In May I presented a three day event in Manchester for The Pint of Science Festival & researchers from The University of Manchester. It was a feast of brain food for the naturally curious, and they were looking for someone to do hosting duties. I got the gig. The Festival has been running for 8 years and brings […]

Improv Utopia Ireland

I had an amazing time this weekend  at Improv Utopia in Ireland.  Joining over 100 improvisers from all over the world for games, workshops and loads of fun. An opportunity to meet an improvise with folk from the USA, Ireland and  other countries all in one place. I've been to plenty of improv conventions in America over the last ten […]

Building Confidence Through Comedy

I recently took a Present Yourself! workshop with The Growth Company in Manchester, helping a group of their members build confidence through comedy. Late last year I took part in their 'Spark 2 Scale' programme -  to help grow my own business, and it's been a real boost for my networking and marketing. So it […]

Drawing for TV.

A couple of behind the scenes video peeks at Groundbreak productions ambitious advert for Brother technology. I was brought on board to provide all the illustration work that would be pulled, pushed and dropped, to create pretty stunning visual effects for a couple of adverts. Full blog coming soon, once the advert is finished and […]

2017 in Bullet Points.

It's the last day of the year, time for a review of 2017. Found a new regular yoga teacher and learned the 9 part breath. #namaste Interviewed improv legend Neil Mullarkey for my podcast. #bringabrick Got my geek on delivering two talks at the Manchester WordPress Group. #mwug Judged ciders at the Manchester Real Ale […]

Training the trainer. Growing with the business growth hub.

Back in October I joined a programme called 'Spark 2 Scale'. A series of workshops run by The Business Growth Hub designed to boost businesses and help me grow the success of my own training sessions. I'm at the halfway point and already seeing benefits. From practical networking to personal effectiveness and growth hacking.   Here […]

Storytelling at the Locality Convention

Storytelling: getting your voice heard. John Cooper blogs about the break out training session offered by Power to Change at the Locality Convention On the 14th November I was invited by community business organisation Power to Change to deliver a break out session at the Locality Convention in Manchester. If you were there, hello! Public speaking  […]

A Life Less Ordinary

Choosing to put comedy, illustration and my other disciplines on one website might sound obvious, but it was actually a really tough decision. The term 'jack of all trades' is a phrase that has bugged me for years.  I know it's negative connotations and consider myself an optimist, but I've always thought I was one. […]
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