On Tour. Great Malvern & Carlisle.

Day 4 - Great Malvern "Malvern is full of old people, but they don't die", said Bill one of the nice tech crew as we rocked up to Great Malvern Forum Theatre. The older generation dictate the speed of life in Malvern, as exemplified by the equally nice man at the guest house we stayed […]

On Tour. Bradford.

The Middlesborough gig was fun. Arriving at the venue charlie was recieved by one of the locals, leaning on a bin asking if he was looking for the post office. The local was a regular who comes to most of their productions. Entering the venue and looking around we spotted this. Yes, it really is. […]

On Tour. Sheffield & Middlesborough

I'm on tour. Danny Pensive is supporting The One Man Lord of The Rings show throughout September, and this is what happened... Day one - Sheffield. Arrived early in the Heathrow branch of Avis to meet Charlie and Kristina his tour manager and pick up the 'tourmobile'. Charlie went big and got a BMW 320, […]

BLOG Interview with Toby Hadoke

John Cooper grabs the comedian to chat about his new Edinburgh show “Now I Know My BBC” This year’s Edinburgh festival is in full swing and with it Toby Hadoke’s new show “Now I Know My BBC”, an affectionate and stroppy love letter to Auntie Beeb touching on shows such as Quatermass, Doomwatch and Survivors. […]
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