Milwaukee to Chicago

The road trip is reaching it's end, but there's still more to squeeze in. We are going to a cabin in the woods to recharge batteries again, where we meet up with Bron's mum. We stop off at 'The Spam Museum' which does what exactly what it says on the tin. An entire building devoted […]

Roaming Wyoming, Thrills in the Hills

We finally leave heading out past Yellowstone lake and over the Sylvan pass mountain range into Wyoming proper. The sky gets bigger and the mountains take on the craggy block like appearance that you see in western movies, all oranges, yellows and blue skies. Driving through the Buffalo Bill reservation we stop at the Buffalo Bill dam and […]

A moment of Montana, a top bloke and Yellowstone geyser

Sunday. We are right on the border of Idaho, they call it big sky country, which as we travel slowly translates as 'flat and nothing to obscure the view'. Evidence of which is found as I've mainly just looked at maps and photographed clouds. Then excitement as we buy and eat food again.   Bye-daho, […]

Oregon to Idaho - Volcanos, Casinos, Sunsets and Food.

Saturday. Must try and keep track of the days. Pulling out the gigantic map of America I'm sad as it becomes apparent we just won't be able to squeeze in the drive to see my Canadian chum Charlie. It's seven hours drive North West to Victoria, we can't afford to fly it. Our ultimate destination […]

Independence Day in Portland.

American Independence day. It's a big deal here, and after a day of mostly rest and catching up we go to Vancouver park in Washington State to watch an enourmous firework display. It looks like the whole city has come to the park with deck chairs parasols and blankets to get a pitch to see the display. […]

Sacrmento, San Francisco and Portland

Sunday starts with a brief visit to Myles and Laurel. Myles makes games and has just created a new one called 'son' which he's been working on for about 8 months and has him up till all hours working out the rules. Then a long drive up the coast to Comedysportz Sacramento for their Sunday […]

Los Angeles and Hollywood

If you care to know, Quantas have great in flight entertainment. So far I've watched nine movies, six on the way out and three on this stretch. Who needs sleep. After a thirteen hours, we the hit the ground in Los Angeles and the temperature soars. Bron has arranged for us to meet James Bailey, […]

Melbourne and Mentally Worn.

Another day on the road and we arrive at our final destination. We're in Melbourne for a couple of days, giving us enough time to see the place properly on a free bus that tours the city. The wife has booked us in on the Neighbours Tour. It's starts a bit weird when tour driver […]

Sydney, Canberra, Possums and the Magna Carta

As we've travelled through New South Wales we've passed near Hexham, Stockton, Durham and Swansea. We made a point of visiting the coastal town of Newcastle, but on driving through thought better of it as two orange faced girls in short skirts indicated the town probably shared all the worst aspects of it's tyneside namesake. […]

Sawtell, Belmont, Palm Beach and Sydney

The days and the miles pass quickly even though everything is measured in kilometeres. Most of civilisation in Australia is on the outer edges of the continent, certainly in Queensland and New South Wales, so it's great if you like the sea but the furter out to the beach you go wifi becomes less accessable. […]
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