Edinburgh Day 2


I bought a new biro for 45p, then another better rollerball pen for a pound.  I was meeting the publicity man and wanted to look professional. At the meeting we both had a cup of tea and the waitress brought it in a pot, so I decided to take charge and be mother.

On the evening there was the launch party. Lots of people were socially networking in the room and it got a bit cramped. There were lots of men with long hair, beards, glasses and hats on who looked like they were in disguise but weren't.
There were one or two well known comedians and many more I did not know.  I decided it was much easier to sit down on a small stool and watch instead of taking part so I did. A lot of people were trying to be seen but not be noticed which is hard to explain but this is what they were doing. Some people looked a me as I was sitting on the small stool on my own looking at them. One person said hey had seen me ans liked my stuff. I met with some Manchester comedians and we queued up for a free hog roast sandwich with apple sauce and crackling.

Later on I got excited when I saw Charlie Chuck sitting in a the corner of a room. He is ace and I said hello to him. I will go to his show.

On the way home I saw Terry Alderton and Tim Vine talking outside a chip shop and waved at them even though they do not know me.

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