Funny Business at the Comedy Store

Last year I help run some workshops for the BBC's new comedy awards and met all manner of different folks having a go at stand up. This year I'm doing something similar but altogether different coaching a high flying business exec for a project called 'Funny Business'. To nick a bit of wordage from their […]

Donuts and Hollywood! The Epic United States Video Diary.

I'll warn you, this is a bit of a mega-epic at over 9 minutes, but It's my United States Video diary! If you've been watching these a while you'll know I've been to the state before breifly, but this is a proper epic road trip, from West Coast to East visiting loads of cities including California, […]


Doing a bit of writing at the Tate café on the Albert Dock in Liverpool. I played Baby Blue this weekend gone, five minutes walk from here and had a tough time on both nights. I went round the gallery for a look, and found a cracking piece called “United Kingdom”. It’s a map (I […]

Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival Show - Feb 22nd

I have been hard at work on my new show, and it's coming to Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival this month. Loads of new stuff about travelling round the world and getting into scrapes and trying to become a 'man of the world'. I'm will be at the Exchange Bar on 22nd February. I have just […]

Danny Pensive Comes to Leicester - Feb 2013

As part of Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival, I'll be taking Danny Pensive's Edinburgh show to the fine city on 22nd February. Check out the Danny Pensive website for more information.

Coming to Leicester Festival to meet Dave in Feb 2013

I'm working on a new show for next year, and there will be a work-in-progress version of it happening at Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival on the 22nd February 2013. Leicester has a really good festival that has been going for ages, so it will be quite exciting. Venue information and other details to follow.


Why to people go surfing? I am writing my new show for Edinburgh next year about my travels round the world but I'm worried about the stuff I'm writing about, as I think you write your best stuff when you're writing about yourself and stuff you really know about. I've only been surfing once, I […]

Farmer Phils and Muddy Thrills at the Galtres Festival.

It is the end of August and I have been to two more festivals. The sun was shining for Farmer Phil's Festival and it was dry enough to sit down. Rob was there with his dog, as it is one of the few festivals you are allowed to take a dog too. I took a disposable […]

A New Show for 2013

Work has begun on a new show for 2013. It is only in the early stages and is all about my travels in America and Australia and a couple of other places I have been that are not in England. There will be more news on this next year, but for now here is a […]

The Long Hot Scenic Way Round.

Wed/Thur. For the opening of tournament there's a big parade down the streets, where all the teams march to the venue. Manchester are the first team to play against L.A. and although we concede the win, is it's a great show with about 600 people in the enormous Atheneum Theatre. Chicago put on parties every […]
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