Sydney, Canberra, Possums and the Magna Carta

As we've travelled through New South Wales we've passed near Hexham, Stockton, Durham and Swansea. We made a point of visiting the coastal town of Newcastle, but on driving through thought better of it as two orange faced girls in short skirts indicated the town probably shared all the worst aspects of it's tyneside namesake. […]

Sawtell, Belmont, Palm Beach and Sydney

The days and the miles pass quickly even though everything is measured in kilometeres. Most of civilisation in Australia is on the outer edges of the continent, certainly in Queensland and New South Wales, so it's great if you like the sea but the furter out to the beach you go wifi becomes less accessable. […]

Solid Gold Coast

The water is warm and soft, walking along Miami beach I can see Surfers Paradise through a blue haze in the far off distance, a range of skyscrapers jutting out into the ocean like a piece of concept art from a science fiction movie. I meet with my relative's who I've not seen in years […]

Knackered on the Far Side of the World

Finally arrived in Brisbane after a looong series of flights, stopping over Singapore where the airport toilets have a diagram on the wall showing you how to use  them, for any folk who didnt consider sitting down bum first as thier primary option. Arriving early we couldn't get straight into our accomodation, and so took […]

Map of Britain 2012 at the Lass O'Gowrie

Hello. I'll be back at the Lass of Gowrie on Sat 28th Jan to do my Map Of Britain. The show is on at 6.30pm and is only £3.

Manchester Comedy Festival Round-up

The Manchester Comedy Festival is on and I'm doing two show and helping with two others;  Gag Reels at the Frog and Bucket - Tuesday 25th October The Frog & Bucket comedy club are showing another of their 'Gag Reels' night where a comedian gives a running commentary over one of their favorite films. I've been invited […]

Bedford, Poole, Taunton, Eastbourne, Southsea, Alnwick

Day 20 - Bedford We turn up at the civic theatre on time but it is locked. When we are let in by one the tech's I take a look around and see a very old theatre looking the worse for wear. It does though come as a surprise that we will be one of the last […]

Hexham, Kendal, Coventry

Day 15 - Hexham Showime. I.m standing back stage composing myself and staring at the curtains. The curtain stare back. It is a tiny bat staring back at me. I signal the stage manager, who is about to give me the green light to go on and we pause briefly while he fetches a small […]

Truro, Scunthorpe, Barnsley

Day 11 - Truro The Braintree show is hard work, easily my least pleasant of the tour so far and feels like going through the motions to get a response. After an overnight stop in Reading (the hotel room has a microwave - result!) we motor on to Truro. Truro seems to be pretty laid […]

Chesham, Norwich, Braintree

Day 7 - Chesham The Ark show in Borehamwood went well, and then on to Chesham to the Elgiva theatre, it's a pleasant place with a new coat of paint. Their panto posters adorn the backstage walls and I'm keen enough to spot that in 1998 the under-rated ex-Doctor Who producer John Nathan-Turner directed Aladdin - which […]
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