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Funny Business - corporate comedy

Last year I help run some workshops for the BBC's new comedy awards and met all manner of different folks having a go at stand up. This year I'm doing something similar but altogether different coaching a high flying business exec for a project called 'Funny Business'. To nick a bit of wordage from their own PR; "Seven high-flying champions of the Manchester business community are going to expose themselves to mockery, derision and public ridicule in a bid to raise some serious cash for The Christie and Prostate Cancer UK charities." Hopefully I can help one of them avoid that. I'm coaching David Pollack, chief exec and big gun of Chess Telecom for the gig at the Manchester Comedy Store in October.

Other comedy chums who are doing the mentoring are Alex Boardman, Mick Ferry, Andy Wilkinson (Smug Roberts) and Phil Walker, in my head it feels a bit like a mash up of The Apprentice and Rocky, with us comics all doing impressions of his crusty boxing coach Micky, getting our execs ready for the stage.


It's all for charity, and a great charity too, Prostate Cancer UK and Chrisites.

Personally the thought of having an endoscope jabbed up my penis is enough to make me reach into my pocket and donate, so I hope you can too. If you want to donate and please do, Here's a link to the donation page

Here's a recent article from Manchester Evening News

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