Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival Show - Feb 22nd


Danny_Pensive_2013_3I have been hard at work on my new show, and it's coming to Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival this month. Loads of new stuff about travelling round the world and getting into scrapes and trying to become a 'man of the world'. I'm will be at the Exchange Bar on 22nd February.

I have just done an interview with Demon FM radio station in Leicester, which you can listen too soon.

Here is the information written by one of those publicity blokeys:

"After a critically successful Edinburgh run in 2011 with Danny Pensive's Map of Britain, Danny has spent 2012 travelling the around the world learning really important stuff like why Australia has a different coco pops monkey and in America, Cowboys are really just farmers with big hats who ride horses instead of tractors. He's eaten Kebabs in Cairo, a Kangaroo burger in Brisbane and pizza in Chicago Town, been to a SPAM museum and created a security alert at the White House capitol building by leaving his bag unattended.

Through Egypt, Australia and across the length of the USA - even when everyone speaks the same language, there are still cultural barriers to be broken with sheer force of personality. In 2013 Danny brings his true globe- trotting travelogue to the festival. You can take the lad out of Sunderland...but he won't take his coat off to go surfing."


davesDate: 22 February
Venue: The Exchange Bar
INFO TEL: 0116 2513434
Entry: £5  - Ticket No: 0116 242 3595
Link to Tickets

Door open: 8.15.pm
Start time: 8.30.pm
End time: 9.30.pm

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