On Tour. Great Malvern & Carlisle.


Day 4 - Great Malvern
"Malvern is full of old people, but they don't die", said Bill one of the nice tech crew as we rocked up to Great Malvern Forum Theatre. The older generation dictate the speed of life in Malvern, as exemplified by the equally nice man at the guest house we stayed in who told us loads of information about previous tenants, and the strengh of the wifi signal we could expect from each of the rooms, even though we were only staying in one of them. The main supermarket in Great Malvern is a Waitrose, which kind of tells you what you need to know, on entering it you may take a hand held price scanner around the shop. There is trust in Malvern.
The venue was lovely, and the gig was great, a nice savvy crowd who loved Danny and lapped up Charlie's show.

Day 5 - Carlisle.
Up the M6 in the sunshine, and a stop off at Tebay services to experience the expensive delights of Westmoorland Farm Shops. I'll not get a 'beef growler' from the deli counter though, am trying to be good.
The Carlisle Sands Centre, a duel purpose venue that is also a sports hall, and big with it. Took a mosey into Carlisle and got in touch with Sarah Ledger, a no-nonsense ex-comic who invited me round for a cuppa. It was great to catch up and chat about old stuff. Charlie really wanted to visit Hadrian's Wall, we're back here for Hexham next week, so we'll do that then.
Tonight's show was a tough crowd, not hard to please, but hard to keep bouyant - almost like weightlifting - requiring lots of performance heavy lifting to keep them interested. Back down the M6 tomorrow.

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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