On Tour. Bradford.


The Middlesborough gig was fun. Arriving at the venue charlie was recieved by one of the locals, leaning on a bin asking if he was looking for the post office. The local was a regular who comes to most of their productions. Entering the venue and looking around we spotted this.

Moulin Riuge

Yes, it really is.

Day 3 - Bradford
Got to see my folks before we headed off, which is always great, then straight down the A19 towards Bradford. The theatre is huge, with loads of posters from stand up's who have toured here. I'm slowly getting my tour legs, and promise to myself to try and eat as properly as I can for the rest of the month. Charlie want to get some silica gel packs (where the hell would you get them?) and Kristina is happy as the sound desk at the venue is a better model. I'm contemplating transcribing some of Danny's notes into a new diary, as the current one is beginning to look a bit battered now, but saying that the batteredness does have a nice worn quality quality to it, maybe keep it a bit longer until it falls apart.


John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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