Knackered on the Far Side of the World


Finally arrived in Brisbane after a looong series of flights, stopping over Singapore where the airport toilets have a diagram on the wall showing you how to use  them, for any folk who didnt consider sitting down bum first as thier primary option. Arriving early we couldn't get straight into our accomodation, and so took a walk round Brisbane after over 24 hours on the plane with no sleep.

In a shop we notice they have a different coco pops monkey here, and you can buys beans in ham sauce. After the lack of sleep and sitting in darkness it probably wasn't a good idea to have an energising smoothie, which made me go a mental in the head for 10 minutes. I left my sunglasses on the plane and now have some new really stupid looking ones which have metal grater bits in them and look like a doctor who propfrom the 1980's.

They have cider over here,hurray! I've had a bottle of 'dirty  granny' which was lovely,if expensive. Prices are a bit dear, but the maths is easy to do and nearly everything seems to be rounded up to .50 or .00 dollars, noneof your £X.99 illusionof value here.  Looking forward to having a shower, I feel so minging I will probably weigh less after.

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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