Truro, Scunthorpe, Barnsley


Day 11 - Truro
The Braintree show is hard work, easily my least pleasant of the tour so far and feels like going through the motions to get a response. After an overnight stop in Reading (the hotel room has a microwave - result!) we motor on to Truro. Truro seems to be pretty laid back as a place, the venue is nearly sold out and both me and Charlie have an awesome show. I meet up with a mate who moved down here a few years back, he helps my try and locate some proper scrumpy and we go in a pub which serves Cornish Rattler, one of my favorite beverages, but I can't imbibe much before a show, curses.


Day 12 - Break
A big drive back to Manchester and a rest. I look forward to a kip in my own bed and a fuss of the cat, but instead fix the cupboard door in the kitchen that's been bugging me for ages, then take out the bins, as all the people in our block haven't bothered. Oh how bloody showbiz. I am too tired to be annoyed and drink myself to sleep in front of my computer.

Day 13 - Scunthorpe
Scunthorpe Plowright Theatre is sandwiched between the police station and the fire station, it's small and old school and the staff are very jolly. Wandering around the place I don't know if it's me, the town, the weather or all three - but it's down and dismal. Loads of Greggs and pound shops, maybe no more than anywhere else, but they stick out more today. I get fish and chips from the BHS cafe. The show is far mare than I expect it to be, the people are well up for it, but not always laughing where I expect.

Day 14 - Barnsley
The clouds part on the way to Glossop and we have a great scenic midday drive to Barnsley listening to Holst's planet suite. Barnsley Civic theatre is a new theatre and art space, and the facilities are great. I feel really sluggish, and really need to push myself to eat healthily on the road. With some gagrbaldi biscuits and fruit from Morrisons I'm happy enough until showtime. It's 'hump day', we are officially halfway through the tour.
From my dressing room on the third floor I can see some kids hiding behind the waterfall feature, on the front grassy area outoside the theatre. I take photos of them as they appear to take drigs, see me, then quickly dash over a wall.

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