On Tour - Dublin & Relax


Day 33 & 34 - Dublin
On the train to Dublin along the coast. Pounds turn into euros, and my phone signal disappears altogether. As well as that I can't seem to use my cash card (then realise they aren't all link machines, doh). Last time I was in Dublin it rained all the time, but today the sun is out. I try to remember how life worked before mobile phones, and use a pay phone to call Mike Landers, Manchester comedy forum patron currently living in Dublin in a converted hotel apartment overlooking Tallaght. His gaff is the nuts, proper nice. With Mike as guide we all go for a pint in Kehoe's.
The last gig of the tour is the next night at the Sugar Room, my finance's mum and friend turn up to come and watch and it's nice to have a familiar face in the crowd for the last gig. It's an interesting room, like a dinner theatre, and full. I have a solid one and Charlie rips it...and we're done.  I had envisiged a massive drinking session after the last gig, but it was all very measured, and considering the amount per night over the course of the month, probably just as well. Big hugs all round, and we go our separate ways.


Flew into Manchester Airport. Got a train to Burnage. Walked through Fog Lane Park onto Wilmslow road. Got a bus to Fallowfield. Bought a pie and some bread in Sainsburys. Got a taxi home to Whalley. It made sense at the time.


Went to bed. Goodnight.

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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