Sacrmento, San Francisco and Portland


Sunday starts with a brief visit to Myles and Laurel. Myles makes games and has just created a new one called 'son' which he's been working on for about 8 months and has him up till all hours working out the rules. Then a long drive up the coast to Comedysportz Sacramento for their Sunday show. Again, Bron is playing and makes a racist slur against the Portuguese and chickens. Fortunately the audience love that and lap it up. Chris the manager of Sacramento CSZ is our host tonight and introduces us to his lovely dog. He's a Labrador and pit bull cross, so he's very (very) excitable and will play with you whether you want to or not. In fact he got so excited that he threw up on the floor.

Staying with guys from the Comedysportz teams in the US is not only helping us in pocket with their hospitality, but also a great way to see the country properly, and like in Australia, get an idea of just how big the place is. I used to think that everyone in the states must have to drive for hours to get anywhere, but really most places are easy to get to and everywhere has similar facilities.

Monday is out to the West coast and San Francisco. By the power of facebook we meet up with Laura who points us to Height and Ashbury, the birthplace of the underground culture. We drive the roller coaster streets up and down hill with some spectacular views including the twisty Lombard Street and seeing Alcatraz out on the bay. On the way out we pass over the Golden Gate bridge at dusk which looks beautiful then head as North as is comfortable to the interstate 5 before resting up at a budget motel off the highway in Fairfield.

I've stayed in a so many hotels over the years I now find myself doing an unconscious checklist of the features of a room, and Americas Best Inn comes up trumps. The universal basics are there, bed, toilet shower and tv, anything else tends to be a bonus regardless of cost or consession. Here we have a bath, fridge, microwave, desk, table, two chairs and a bottle opener built into the wall. The Rodeo drive Luxe had a better bed, but this wins on points.

Tuesday is all drive and rest breaks. North out of California's desert terrain, into the vast valleys of wine making and citrus fruits. Past 'Cowschwitz' where thousands of cows graze and then gradually into the forests and greener pastures of the state of Oregon. A whole day on the road. Bron does a rest stop at the Eagle Casino, spends 20, makes 50, blows 30 and leaves it there. I spend 5 on the lowest betting machines available, I'm not a fan of gambling. At 10.30pm we finally cross the border through Portland into Washington state and 'Z' street, where Bron's good friend Jill is waiting for us. Tomorrow is July 4th.

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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