Getting the Right Balance.

Presenting skills workshop with comedian John Cooper

In late 2022 I was invited to run workshops with sportswear company, New Balance.

I mentioned improv in the discovery meeting with the training coordinator, and having known and seen how effective it is from their time in the USA, they were up for it. I learned they are a very skill-focused company and were intrigued by my offering of comedy for presenting skills. Something a bit different.

The teams I worked with were highly motivated and many already did regular presenting in development and sales. What can a comedian, teach them?

I'm always ready for a little bit of resistance when I introduce improv into a workshop, it's understandable why highly focused people would question what presentation skills has to do with playing a game called 'I'm a tree'?

I really enjoyed this course although it pushed me out of my comfort zone…it has definitely benefited my confidence and skills.

- Jenny

As much as my ego makes me assume everyone has seen my TEDx, not everyone has. I put across the idea that like any muscle in the body, the brain needs regular exercise. Explained in running terms, it's similar to a couch to 5K. Exercising our leg muscles improves running skills, and exercising brain muscles develops our ability to think fast, and perform more confidently.

Improv builds mental resilience, it's also our way into using humour. To be ourselves and become the focus of the message we're delivering.

Some of the key takeaways during these sessions were;

  • Giving yourself permission to use humour
  • Putting a slide deck together that can be talked around not read from
  • Presenting without a slide deck


It was very good!

- Alexander

Overall it was a real pleasure and I learned a lot.

- Manuel

I loved it!

- Katja

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