TEDx Warrington 2023, reflections on 2022.


Has it been a whole year since Warrington Tedx?

It was amazing to be part of TEDx Warrington in 2022. With gears set in motion for this year's event in November, I thought it time to reflect on what has happened since and provide a few tips for anyone wanting to stand on the red dot themselves.

Tedx Warrington should have happened in 2019 and paused due to the pandemic. So speakers had to re-submit. If you don't know the process, no-one simply walks onto the TEDx stage. You have to be selected through a process of elimination by a panel. You're scrutinised on your soft skills and hard facts and whether you have an idea worth sharing. That's why TEDx is a badge of achievement that many speakers seek it.

TEDx Warrington came at a pivotal time for me. My goals were changing and I'm sure I'm not the only one who used lockdown to look ahead imagining what life would feel like five or even ten years from now.
2022 was an opportunity to renew my stage persona and voice, combining the comedian with the educator, humour with experience. I think it did just that.

This year I've been invited on the speaker panel, crikey! It's a responsibility alright, but I reckon I'm well placed to offer practical advice, and having been on the red dot, understand whats needed.

So you want to do a TED talk? Here are my personal three tips to help your video submission shine;

Be interesting.

There are a lot of TEDx videos on personal development, a lot. Be different. No subject matter is two quirky or unusual if it's delivered clearly. If you find you're self-editing or thinking "people don't want to hear this" you're doing yourself an injustice before you start. If your subject's a bit odd - embrace it.

Be aware.

Gaining confidence from speaking in front of an audience is something everyone should learn. With this comes knowledge of how you are seen in the flesh, on screen, and how others see us. With your TEDx submission video, frame and light yourself as best you can to show that you have considered how you are seen, and want to be seen by others.

Be human.

If you're a professor or a certified master expert person, great, but let the audience see you as a human being. Hiding behind credentials, waving them about verbally or using them to gain authority just isn't needed. It should be what got you where you are, not who you are.

Thinking of applying for a TEDx talk?

If you need advice on how to add humour or make your pitch as snappy as possible and you think a 1-on-1 session would help, get in touch.

John at Petcha Kucha Manchester

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