Edinburgh Day 3 and 4

I was nervous as it was the first day of my show in Edinburgh and I wanted everything to be right. I have made some placards and covered them with book-cover-film to keep the rain off.  They look proper good.
At the show there were hiccups of a technical nature. The little telly I had got for the show had got damp and would not work and 5 minutes before the end of the show there was a power cut and all the lights and microphone went off. I went very quiet and thought my first show had ended before its time then realised that I could talk and the people could still hear my jokes in the dark so that was alright. The lights came on again and the people could leave the room - it was a good show.

By the time I went home to the flat it was dark and I got lost end ended up in a place called dynamic earth which is a big white dome. I met some drunken men who were sitting in a corner and told them some jokes. They told how to find my way back to where I was going across some grass and over what I thought was really shiny concrete but was actually water. I have broken my shoes and will need to get some new ones.

On the second day I was on the Royal Mile flyering and Jimeon walked past. When I said 'Hello Jimeon' he dropped his golf club that he was carrying, hen picked it up and chatted to me. I do not know Jimeon but thought it was polite to say hello, I would not like to get on the wrong side of a man who carries an iron golf club down the royal mile.

The second show was much better than the first and there is a new joke too. I walked home the right way and found 10p on the ground.

Hello. The Buxton Fringe begins this week, so you can come and see one of the preview dates before the show goes to Edinburgh, info here.  Also the nice people at Edinburgh Spotlight have done an interview with me, though I don't recall sayin I was Welsh, this is here.

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