Edinburgh Day 6

Today I had a media opportunity and was the very first guest on ‘Edinburgh Tonight’ which was on at 5.45 in the afternoon. One of the hosts was Lorriane Chase but I did not really get the chance to speak to her. I did get to meet ‘4 poofs and a piano’ who are a musical group who are all homosexuals. They were very chatty and pleasant and I got my picture taken with them. I did not see a piano with them and thought it might be rude to ask.

It has rained all day in Scotland and I am getting wet on the Royal mile.… Continue Reading

Edinburgh 2011

Edinburgh Day 3 and 4

I was nervous as it was the first day of my show in Edinburgh and I wanted everything to be right. I have made some placards and covered them with book-cover-film to keep the rain off.  They look proper good.
At the show there were hiccups of a technical nature. The little telly I had got for the show had got damp and would not work and 5 minutes before the end of the show there was a power cut and all the lights and microphone went off. I went very quiet and thought my first show had ended before its time then realised that I could talk and the people could still hear my jokes in the dark so that was alright.… Continue Reading