The Long Hot Scenic Way Round.

Wed/Thur. For the opening of tournament there’s a big parade down the streets, where all the teams march to the venue. Manchester are the first team to play against L.A. and although we concede the win, is it’s a great show with about 600 people in the enormous Atheneum Theatre.

Chicago put on parties every night and for the first night it’s dancing and pizza. This being Chicago the pizzas are immense and I think it’s the first time I’ve seen a real ‘pizza pie’ which is basically a giant wedge of cheese so big you can loose meatballs inside it.… Continue Reading


Milwaukee to Chicago

The road trip is reaching it’s end, but there’s still more to squeeze in. We are going to a cabin in the woods to recharge batteries again, where we meet up with Bron’s mum. We stop off at ‘The Spam Museum’ which does what exactly what it says on the tin. An entire building devoted to the everlasting spiced ham wonder-meat. The is a short film of the history of Spam, a giant wall of spam, a spam exam on what you have learned, they have a girl band called the spammette’s and the set of the Monty Python sketch is recreated.… Continue Reading