80 Haways Edinburgh 2013

Around the world in 80 Haways at Buxton Fringe – July 2013

Around the World in 80 Haways

My New show comes to Buxton Fringe in two weeks time!!! I’m not doing Edinburgh this year, so this might be the last two full fesitval shows I do this year. Oh, and apparently I’m on the cover of the Buxton Advertiser too.

“Danny Pensive has been around the world and wants to tell you all about it. A new show full of diaries, jokes & philosophical musings from Sunderland’s duffel coated stand up hero.”

You can book tickets at this link Reading

80 Haways


Why to people go surfing? I am writing my new show for Edinburgh next year about my travels round the world but I’m worried about the stuff I’m writing about, as I think you write your best stuff when you’re writing about yourself and stuff you really know about. I’ve only been surfing once, I don’t know anything about surfing, so it feel it’s not roght trying to write something entertaining about surfing when I don’t know anything about surfing. Saying that the show I’m trying to write is like a ‘travelogue’, like what Micheal Palin does, so it’s actually about stuff I don’t know much about or have only just experienced a little bit, the traditional Englishman abroad type thing, seeing stuff with fresh eyes and all that.… Continue Reading