Speaking at TEDx Warrington

John Cooper at TEDx Warrington 2022

I'm chuffed to bursting to reveal I've been chosen to speak at TEDx Warrington 2022...and it's only a week away!

It's such a relief to let the get out of the bag, as I've been sitting on this info and rehearsing for the last two months. Not only that, but this particular inaugural TEDx in Warrington was intended to go ahead in 2020, and we all know what happened there. I submitted my idea in 2019 and then resubmitted again in 2022 when the doors reopened. It's been fascinating watching the other speakers in rehearsals, the diverse topics and of course, I can't reveal ANYTHING AT ALL. Ha ha.

The live event has already sold out, with maybe one or two last-minute tickets if folks are lucky. The Warrington team have been amazing, steering the rollercoaster and all the moving parts that make the event happen.

On the famous red spot.

A different stage

Of course, I'm an experienced performer, and I've done a lot of gigs, but this is very different. I've been a fan of TED and TEDx talks for years, so to be picked to do one is special, and a big tick box on my bucket list.

The challenge I found as an experienced stand-up comic hasn't been to remember the words, but learn to leave my ego and performance habits at the door, approaching the whole thing as fresh as I can.

Kirsty, Catherine and the team, have been really supportive with great feedback and I can't wait for the live event on 23rd June at Parr Hall.

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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