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I am on tour with  'One Man Star Wars'. I am doing a blog of the tour. This is the blog.It is good to see Charlie, he is wearing the same shirt as last year but he says it is not. Our first show is at Gravesend. I have met Richard. Richard is a stormtrooper. The show is good, but not as good as the next night in Bury St Edmunds. This show is proper good. I got a round of applause for walking up to the microphone. I had to explain that the show proper had not started yet.

On day three in Worcester I decided to throw away the yoghurts and chicken I have brought with me, they had been sitting in the tour car in the hot sun for three days and the foil and plastic lids had expanded so much they looked like they might explode.

I am now in Dunstable drinking tea out of a pot noodle tub. The cupboards of the green room are full of pint glasses, but no cups, so they are glass-boards. The sat-nav what was in the car could not tell us where the venue was, and took us down a back lane instead. Forunetly I had borrowed my nanna's AA Book of towns which had a little map of Dunstable in it and got us there in no time, even though it was printed in 1979. Maps are great. The AA book of towns a great book has loads and loads of information in it and I will be learning and reading aloud in the car to Charlie as we travel so we get a lot of culture as we go.

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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