Podcast: Richard Pascoe | Presentation skills and Facilitation


Richard is the founder of Making Presentations, where he trains and consults on advanced presentation skills.

His work is underpinned by the principles of Improv, in terms of training and how improv principles help us be better presenters.

He worked for Procter & Gamble for 17 years, starting in sales. He moved into consumer and shopper research, and then to global learning & development and knowledge systems. The regular theme throughout was the need to know what motivates people to take notice, to engage with information, and then do something with it. Presentation skills.

We chat about facilitation techniques and 'how to do the how' in improv training. Richard discusses how people in a company like P&G respond to “Improv” in training. Richard also briefly touches on Daniel Kahneman’s principles in behavioral sciences and links this across to how you engage an audience and open them up to new ideas.

He works with Paul Z Jackson from the Applied Improvisation network, training Advanced Presentation Skills.


Bullet Points

  • “Yes...and”, pausing to reflect in the space between words.
  •  Seeing the process and having fun.
  •  It's not about pretending to be a penguin.



Direct LinkThe Bring a Brick podcast interviews people from all over the world who use improvisation and applied improvisation in their work. That can be anything from business training to games development, design and behavioral health. It’s a broad and constantly developing field. The presenter and host takes the role of the curious student, learning how people teach and benefit from the unique values of applying improv.

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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