On The Road Again


You may or many not know I blogged on the road last September as Danny Pensive, supporting 'One Man Lord Of The Rings', a chap called Charlie, on his UK autumn tour. Well he's asked me back to do his spring tour other show which is now in it's ninth year  'One Man Star Wars'. This is my blog of  the tour.

Day 1 - Gravesend
I have an Asda carrier bag containing some mug-shot pasta snacks, cider, chicken pieces and disposable tissue hankies. London eases me nicely into the monotony of the road.  An hour to cross London? Healthrow to Gravesend? I think not. More like two. Joining us on the road is our stage manager from New Zealand, she used to work for WETA workshop (them people who made the models for the Lord of the Rings movies) so is automatically cool geek and also Richard. Richard is a super effiecient Stormtrooper wrangler from Birmingham. The first night is a good 'break-in' for all of us at the Woodville Halls venue. Richard mates turn up and they disappear, then reappear looking effing cool. One of them is a biker scout. I have Danny Pensive's coat on and in their presense look like a jawa.

Day 2  - Bury St Edmunds
The Royal theatre has an 'Ian McKellan' dressing room. Charlie is already in it. Richard has taken the 'Dame Judi Dench' room, and I'm down stairs in dressing room number six that I've called the 'Patrick MgGoohan' Room. Meeting my mate Matt in a bit, he lives outside Bury St Ed's and for a living handles heavy artillary, so he likes his star wars. It's a full house tonight, despite, the bank holiday and the Royal Wedding, of which I've heard and seen nothing. Nevermind.

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