Podcast: Interviewing people who use improv in the work and life.


The Bring a Brick podcast interviews people from all over the world who use improvisation and applied improvisation in their work. It's a broad and constantly developing field where the host takes the role of curious student, learning how people teach and benefit from the unique values of applying improv.

A word from the host.

Hi, I'm John Cooper; stand up comic, improviser and designer. I use improv and play to teach and discover in pretty much everything I do. I've taught workshops for the BBC New Comedy Awards and contributed to a TV show called 'The Speaker'. I've been on the set of the real TARDIS and was briefly the 'face' of North West and Lancashire Life magazine, despite being from the North East. I started the Bring a Brick podcast in September 2016 out of a curiosity to discover how trainers and professionals use the 'how' of improvisation.

To contact the show email info@rocketsteps.co.uk or tweet me at @JohnCooper_uk

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All podcast sound and stings by Dave Depper using creative commons licensing.


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John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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