Improvisation Workshops

Improv. Creative Workshops for Digital and Tech Teams .

What do companies want out of team building? Better relationships? Clearer communication? Communication and active listening are the ‘bread and butter’ of improv. If you think of theatre or comedy when the word ‘improv’ is mentioned that’s fair enough, but digging a little deeper, using improvisation effectively can reveal a great way to skill up, and have fun doing it.

Applied improvisation a term that refers to learning the skills to think on your feet, and then applying them to a particular industry, situation or relationship.

Along with the troupe I perform with regularly CSz UK, I’ve been a passionate advocator of improv and improving my own listening and communication skills for many years now.… Continue Reading


MeasureCamp Manchester Improv Workshop

I had a great time this weekend at the second MeasureCamp Manchester Unconference. Aimed at the digital and analytics community, it’s a whole day of unplanned talks and workshops. There’s no planned schedule and everyone attending has the opportunity to deliver a talk or workshop.

How does that work? After an introductory talk there’s a big blank schedule of events board – waiting to be filled.

Those keen to give a talk complete a description card and stick it the board. As this event proved, very quickly there was a diverse and interesting amount of talks to attend across the day.… Continue Reading