Speaking Workshops

Storytelling at the Locality Convention

Storytelling: getting your voice heard. John Cooper blogs about the break out training session offered by Power to Change at the Locality Convention

On the 14th November I was invited by community business organisation Power to Change to deliver a break out session at the Locality Convention in Manchester. If you were there, hello! Public speaking   workshop. storytelling workshop  

Big thanks to Claire and the team at Power to Change for inviting me along. It was really quite inspiring to be around so many community leaders, people who ‘get things done’ for the betterment of their local communities.

The session was about providing practical techniques that would get their voices heard at local authority level,  to gain funding for their projects.… Continue Reading


Improvising interviews and fast learning – my podcast

I started my podcast in late 2016, interviewing people who use improvisation techniques in their work. Six months and fifteen episodes later and already it’s paid off in more ways than I can think.

Fifteen isn’t a massive number of episodes for a podcast, but the original intention was to ‘box it off’ as a project with a beginning and an end so it didn’t turn into a spiralling not-for-profit time sink. Focus on quality, not quantity, find great guests willing to give up an hour of their time to be interviewed about their work.

It’s been enlightening listening to different points of view, and stories of people in different parts of the world and how they teach the ‘way’ of improv in different environments.… Continue Reading