Improv Skills for Sales - Podcast Interview.

I was recently interviewed by Darren Jamieson on his Engaging Marketeer podcast about how I work - and play.

I really enjoyed chatting with Darren, and think it's probably the clearest I've been in an interview. Explaining just how useful improv skills can be to build relationships and help our clients get the best out of us if we spend more time listening than thinking about sales opportunities.

In this chat we talk about WordPress, Comedy, Presentation skills, TEDx talks,improv and many other things in between.

Booking a talk to find out how improv skills
can increase your team's performance.

The engaging marketeer podcast

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Bucket list item ticked! I can now say I'm officially a TEDx speaker! I was a little bit nervous watching the video this morning when the Warrington team let me know my TEDx talk had dropped. I knew I'd said everything in the right order and I had a blast on the night. No special video preview, I got to see it at the same time as the rest of the world on the TEDx youtube channel. I'm pretty chuffed. here it is...

Giving a TEDx talk is an altogether different experience from any stand-up comedy I've done. If you look closely you'll see muscle memory where I'm waiting for laughter and just have to remind myself I'm not in a comedy club. I've earned and owned my space on the stage. Going forward I hope to do more talks on improv. To explain the benefits in more detail to groups who are perhaps a little hesitant about jumping into an improv workshop with both feet I need a little more information before wielding the power of 'yes and'.

Big thanks to my amazing friends and teachers at ComedySportz. I hope what I've learned and shared here is valuable to others. Thanks also to the TEDxWarrington team for putting on this event

This was the first TEDx event in Warrington and there were some amazing speakers on the stage that night with wonderful ideas to share;

Finding freedom in using a wheelchair | Pete Donnelly

Connecting with authentic success | Kate Trafford

Why conservation education matters | Charlotte Smith

From frustration to fascination: Embracing cognitive diversity | Kerry Lockyer

Building an alternate future through grief | Ben Dunne

Everything is connected, connection is everything | Ali Davenport

Poetry never abandons us | Kate Jenkinson

Rachel Morgan Trimmer

Emma Baylin

There is nothing wrong in your life right now | Russell Treasure

TEDx Warrington speakers 2022 Photo by Andrew Collier
TEDx Warrington speakers 2022 Photo by Andrew Collier
TEDx Warrington full team 2022 Photo by Andrew Collier
TEDx Warrington full team 2022 Photo by Andrew Collier

My talk with full script

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