Live art at Liverpool Museum

Speed portraits are exactly what you think they are, pictures of faces drawn at speed.

I'm not a caricaturist, I don't draw people with massive ears and big noses, but what I do like is to give them a special moment. It's not just about the picture, it's also about making folks feel comfortable who want to sit for a portrait but don't like being stared at. Tricky thing, and that's where I use my comedy voice, chat and put folks at ease.

Speed portraits

The questions I get asked most often from events folks is "how many people can you draw?" or "Can you draw everyone at our event?"

Well, it depends on who is in the room. Five bald men take less time to draw than 5 people with beards, flowing locks and headwear, but I generally get through everyone who wants to be drawn. Some folks don't. There's a balance between creating a good quality portrait fast and rushing to get everyone done, and that's unique to each event.

These photos were taken at the Liverpool Museum, Art Battle Manchester and other events around the UK. I'll be doing speed portraits at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2024

Around the World in 80 Haways

My New show comes to Buxton Fringe in two weeks time!!! I'm not doing Edinburgh this year, so this might be the last two full fesitval shows I do this year. Oh, and apparently I'm on the cover of the Buxton Advertiser too.

"Danny Pensive has been around the world and wants to tell you all about it. A new show full of diaries, jokes & philosophical musings from Sunderland’s duffel coated stand up hero."

You can book tickets at this link

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