Blackpool, BBC, Bleachworks and an Engine Room


So last week I got a nice invitation and went to watch the BBC New Comedy Awards at the Blackpool Grand Theatre in Blackpool. I had been here before when I was on tour with Charlie, but I was a bit late getting in and the doors closed. It was being recorded for the telly, so they were not letting anyone in or out while it was on so there was no noiseyness and doors banging. I was a bit sad but then met Mick Miller and his friends  who were in the bar. I had met Mick before and was surprised and happy that he remembered my face. I met his friends Tony Joe, Billy hunter and Steve from Scarborough, who were all very nice and fun to chat to.

This week has gone all industrial. I am at The Bolton Bleachworks on Thursday and The Skelmersdale Engine Rooms on Saturday. Next week I am doing a show down a mine*.

* I am not really doing a show down a mine.

John Cooper
Comedian & Improv coach
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