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Book Review: The Dip by Seth Godin

More personal development stuff. This is the third Seth Godin book I’ve read. I like his books because they are really short. It’s no surprise he’s a wealthy entrepreneur, why write one big book when you can write loads of short ones.

The Dip by Seth Godin - personal development
The Dip by Seth Godin

The dip basically an essay about learning when to stick at something or when to quit, and that’s ok. The point at which you need to choose is ‘the dip’. He argues that quitting isn’t failure, and that many high performers got there because they developed the ability to identify the difference.

He gets into the subject quickly, makes his point, gives you stuff to think about then wraps up. There a a few diagrams in there describing the types of dip you can come across.  ‘The dip’ itself, the ‘cul-de-sac’ and the ‘curve’, all food for thought. His prose is easy to read and if feels more like a typed up TEDx talk than an essay. There’s nothing in here that gave me any big light bulb moments, but the use of bell curve diagrams to explain mass markets versus niche ones does make for intriguing reading.

A nice aside from reading book like this is that it’s also helping me with my interviewing technique. The more I read the more I question.

Leverage, illustrated


Near the end of 2015 I started work on some new short comic strips, illustrating some of the aspects of personal development, basically to find a new way of sharing some of the good stuff I’ve picked up over the year. “No one’s done a comic of this stuff” I thought, “it could be like  Scott McClouds Understanding Comics but more Understand Yourself“. Just these four pages took an age to do, but I’m proud of the results.

2015 Humblebrag

Note to self. You stuck this facebook, but you’re can’t find anything on there after a few days, and probably want to come back to this, so here is again…

an ostensibly modest or self-deprecating statement whose actual purpose is to draw attention to something of which one is proud.
“social media status updates are basically selfies, humblebrags, and rants”

2016Took up Yoga.
Performed in an Improvathon.
Raised £222.94 for charity.
Went ghost hunting in Pontefract.
Taught stand up technique in Rock Island, Illinois.
Visited the set of Doctor Who.
Met Peter Capaldi & David Tennant inside the Tardis together.
Watched the sunset on Kuta beach, Bali.
Watched the sun rise on top of a Volcano on my birthday.
Set up my own business.
Nearly got flooded.
Invested in a full day photoshoot.
Ran four 10k runs.
Ran 657km (according to Endomondo)
Lost 3 stone in weight.
Donated all my clothes to charity.
Bought new pants.

Happy New Year for 2016 x