Wedding suit boat cake.

So I’m getting married then. Next month I will have me a wife. It’s the same woman I have been living with for five-ish years, but she will be my wife. I’m getting a suit too get married in as well, a proper one. I went to get measured up by the nice people at Leslie Powell tailors and they are making the suit out of the special fancy material I have ordered all the way from America, via the awesome website Spoonflower.  I have named the suit, it is called the ‘Veil of Medusa’ it will be that awesome.

For my stag night I’m having a night out in Newcastle, followed by a day on a Canal boat in Cheshire. On the second date I will wear my yacht cap, also imported from America, and it will look appropriate.

I am having a cake made, as it my future wife, but this is a secret.