Teambuilding through comedy

Dynamic, fun teambuilding sessions for face to face, remote working and hybrid teams.

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These sessions get team members on the same page quickly. Building better relationships with coworkers through laughter and shared experience.

Face 2 Face

Face to face sessions are great fun and very practical. They are interactive and supportive. With over fifteen years of experience in teaching through laughter, we help teams, feel great and think fast.


Taking the 'meeting' out of zoom meetings, using games and comedy (improv) to help teams connect in new more engaging ways and work around the missing bits of body language we lose when we're in a webcam window.

Comedy skills workshop with John Cooper at Google Digital Garage Manchester.
Comedy skills workshop with John Cooper at Google Digital Garage Manchester.

About Improv

Improv is an incredibly fun way to build confidence and develop communication skills. From trainee managers to cultural ambassadors, improv is for everyone. It’s not about trying to be funny, or cracking a joke at the expense of a teammate - improv uses games as a way to learn and develop. And it works fast.

As businesses change the way they work, there is a need for more flexible teambuilding. More recently, we've developed improv sessions for online groups, where we lose some of our body language and need to find new ways to stay engaged.

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    "Amazing what can change in one hour, John’s process transformed how we prepare for sales conversations to significantly improve delivery and rapport."

    Ian Stone, Founder, Smile Reader

    "Really got my brain going!"

    John Knott, Zola Systems

    "John made sure to explain the relevance of each game to our specific work, which went a long way to get buy-in from the team and senior management. We found the workshop enjoyable, eye-opening and motivating"

    -Tom Parson, Manchester Technology Centre.

    "A different and refreshing way of looking at the skills that we use in presenting. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop!"

    - Raj Patel MBE

    "a real master in the craft of improvised speaking."

    - Andy Atkins, Resonant

    “I came away with more confidence and an understanding that I can talk about topics that I’m passionate about in a way to engage the  audience” 

    - Ollie, Business Growth Hub

    "Got a lot from it. Hope to implement in my workplace."

    Manchester Business Growth Hub

    "Amazing workshop, thank you for making the storytelling so much fun"

    The Coalville Hero Project

    "Excellent workshop on telling your story"

    Jax Lovelock - Dewsbury Park Mansion

    “Excellent session. John made us feel at ease and have fun whilst giving us valuable advice and skills.”

    Liz Whitely

    "Brilliant – straight away comfortably out of my comfort zone!"

    Business Growth Hub

    “Eye-opening and something that I'd do again”

    David Norris

    “Scary but loads of fun too, brilliant.”

    Terry Corbett

    "Really enjoyed it and got out of my comfort zone."

    Connor Aston

    Other sessions:

    Need help with presentation skills? Check out our other session - Present yourself!

    Since March 2020, John has taken part in over fifty online comedy shows and co-facilitated international presentation skills training courses. This workshop blends comedy and improv skills, showing how to reach beyond your webcam window, so you’ll always end a presentation on a virtual standing ovation.

    He’s delivered talks on the power of humour in business to Lloyds BankGoogle’s Digital GarageThe Business Growth HubPower to ChangeLocalityAvecto Cyber Security and many others.

    John Cooper

    Comedian, improviser & ideas guy
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