Edinburgh 2013

A New Show for 2013

Work has begun on a new show for 2013. It is only in the early stages and is all about my travels in America and Australia and a couple of other places I have been that are not in England. There will be more news on this next year, but for now here is a sparkly new image that has been made to get me and you excited about some new jokes, poems and stories. I hope they will be funny. I must go away and write them now.… Continue Reading


April 22nd – Danny Pensive’s Playtime at the Lass O’Gowrie

Playtime at the Lass

It’s time for another playtime.

I will be at the Lass O’Gowrie in Manchester to try out lots of new things and idea what are all part of the show going to Edinburgh later in the year. This will be the last playtime before the Edinburgh Previews in June and July. There will be a guest who is Vic McGlynn doing some stuff too.

It is a free night, but there are not many seats, so get on the seating list by emailing thelassevents@gmail.comContinue Reading