The Scottish Leg

Day 9 – Aberdeen
On the road to Aberdeen we stop at Glamis castle to take in a brown sign and some Scottish culture. It’s a lovely building, not what you’d classically call a castle.A few photos then on to our destination.
I’m beginning to loathe touch screen technology with a passion. We are in apartment which has a kitchenette and two fancy modern hobs which I can be buggered if I can get working. I have to press down hard on the glass surface to get them to come on so I can cook some actual real food instead of the crap I’ve been eating all week.… Continue Reading


Theme’s Meme’s and Edinburgh Scheme’s

My ego has been well and truly fluffed. I’ve just been into the Manchester Comedy Store to see my portrait on the wall as part of their new ongoing exhibition. It’s a mix of old and new acts they’ve included for their 1st ‘rotation’and I’m sitting next to Toby Hadoke.
Blimey! Literally as I’m writing this I’m sitting next to two women in the snug of the Lass to write, they started talking about the new stuff night at the ┬áStore and how it’s a good place to go to find out what makes people laugh. Well I suppose they have a point.
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