A Much Needed Break in the capital of comics

I finally got around to taking a short holiday.  I planned on taking a break in December, and as I write this it’s now June. This is a short personal blog about taking a break and work life balance.

I’d intended to have a holiday for months, and just kept putting t off.  I told myself I was too busy. I was at first too busy to take a break, but when I had the time there wasn’t anywhere I could think of I really wanted to  go.  After a couple of  long conversations with good friends to tease out some real excuses, I slowly admitted to myself that I didn’t want to travel alone.… Continue Reading

Comics The Best Job in the World

Best Job in the World #20 – Life is too short.


Didn’t occur to me until after that this weeks strip is poking fun the same promoters I’m trying to get work out of. Biting the hand? They can take a joke right?Continue Reading