Six days Left.

So in exactly six days from now, left than a week, I will be officially married, and in eight days time I will have my wedding ceremony. I am not stressing, it will all be great. The Ebay’ed cravats have arrived from China and they are the wrong colour, and I’m still waiting on my suit, which “should” be ready next week. I’m not bother about the cravats, but the suit is a worry.

Part one of my stag do in Newcastle went great, meeting up with mates I’d not seen in a long while, and all getting smashed. Having booked a hotel so I was no trouble to anyone, I still ended up crashing at mate Gavin’s house where I woke at 4am with a desire to be violently sick.  It occured to me only at that point that I had not stayed at Gavins new home before and so did not know the location of the bathroom. Fortunately I found it on my second attempt, so sorry to Andy/Gary or whoever I stumbled in on sleeping.
I made it to the welcoming toilet bowl in time and thought I’d managed a clean cut heave, but when the sun came up it became apparent I had not, and had made a thick bib of florescence down my shirt. Not being far away I returned to the hotel for a wash and breakfast, then went back to Gavin’s as if nothing had happened. Well done me.

I need a waist coast, and some replacement cravats. I’ve got the waistcoat, which is not the MacDonalds issue charity shop one I threatened to get, but a proper one. No joy on the cravats though, and they’re expensive. I dislike ‘fashion’ shopping intensely. Just poking my head into to a Moss Bros or a Boss shop I’m not even looking at the clothes, but instead the predatory slightly camp shiny faced salesmen that slink around the place being ‘helpful’. I don’t really want their help to work out the size of a shirt in a packet I cant really see. This is not for me. Finally got the waistcoat after asking a man in the shop where the fitting rooms were. He didn’t work there. I know this is a highly unoriginal comic misunderstanding, but it did actually happen.

It occurs to me only now that the shirt I have for my wedding has no collar. Result.