Finally, a new show.

Lifecoach Promo

A new show after all this time? There’s a lot of writing and hard work to do yet but here it is. “Life Coach”.

I’ve been round the world,  seen & done loads of stuff and think I’m now probably quite good at showing other people how to achieve their own goals and be dead successful.

I’m from Sunderland, a ‘Mackem’. This comes from the shipbuilding phrase to ‘make ’em and take em, when the hardworking men of Sunderland would build ships and sail them to india. This industry had died out now and everyone works in call centres.

People are a bit like like ships. It’s easy to get lost at sea or drown or end in the wrong place or boarded by pirates.  In the new show I’ve not written I will be  talking, listening and telling jokes. Perhaps dancing. More news in the new year when I have it.