Distance, a comedians life during the pandemic.

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About Distance

In March 2020 the UK went into lock-down and the world went dark and scary in the grip of COVID-19. For comedian and runner John Cooper, Parkruns were cancelled and comedy clubs closed. Stay at home, control the virus…draw comics.

Created one page at a time, as it happens, Distance gets inside the head of a comedian looking for humour in real life during dark times.

“A comic strip diary about right now’. Washing my hands, washing my shopping and avoiding the news”.

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I’ve always drawn stuff and I keep a diary. When I saw the way things were going in other countries, I started thinking about ways to keep my mind active and generate new material, and doing a comic strip about day to day social distancing just made sense. It can be really serious obviously, as these are scary times, but I want it to be fun too – something to provide a little bit of light relief, and the odd visual gag. It also stops me from going round the twist, being stuck at home.