Cooking Up a Murder Mystery


Do I make a convincing chef?

This was taken last week at a murder mystery event dinner at Mottram Hall. The gang from Comedysportz were hired to impersonate chefs, chatting to guests and generally convincing them we were the real deal until one of us my pal Chris dropped dead in front of the whole room. Only to jump back up and explain the rules of the murder mystery event. Said diners (works do) then had to question all the chefs to see whodunnit.

I played a stroppy perfectionist (easy reach) but who was murdered and did I do it? No, I served up a big fat red herring. A top collaboration by They Improv, with players from our gang comedysportz. Keep it spicy.

Are you looking for a Murder Mystery event? Let me point you in the right direction, detective!


They Improv

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