80 Haways Festival

Coming to Leicester Festival to meet Dave in Feb 2013

I’m working on a new show for next year, and there will be a work-in-progress version of it happening at Dave’s Leicester Comedy Festival on the 22nd February 2013. Leicester has a really good festival that has been going for ages, so it will be quite exciting. Venue information and other details to follow.… Continue Reading


Farmer Phils and Muddy Thrills at the Galtres Festival.

It is the end of August and I have been to two more festivals. The sun was shining for Farmer Phil’s Festival¬†and it was dry enough to sit down. Rob was there with his dog, as it is one of the few festivals you are allowed to take a dog too. I took a disposable BBQ and when it was very late and the bands and big noises had gone quiet, I got out my torch and cooked sausages in the dark.


Last weekend I was at Galtres Festival and I forgot to take my wellies. It rained all the way there and cars were being towed by a big tractor out of the deep mud that got on my clothes and in my shoes and round my ankles and everywhere else.… Continue Reading